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'99 Duck
'04 Pheasant
'06 Trout
'08 Turkey
Image Size:
6 ½" x 9"
6 ½" x 9"
6 ½" x 9"
6 ½" x 9"
Regular Edition: 2,000 2,500 2,000 2,500
Artist's Proofs: 200 250 200 250
Print Price: $145 $145 *$145 **$145
DNR Stamp: $15 $15 $20 $5
Framing: Deluxe framing available, call for descriptions or give us a visit.
Our frames are approximately $100 to $125.
Original pencil drawings, done either directly on the print (under the image) 
or on a separate piece of paper. Either $25 or $45 for any print.
Title Plates: A small metal plate engraved with the title and artist's name. $8
Shipping: $12
Tax: Minnesota residents only, please add 6 1/2% sales tax on prints, title plates and frames.
No tax on stamps, remarques or shipping. Printing: Lithographs on acid-free paper, using fade-resistant inks. Print Number: Previous customers who have received a specific number are given priority for that number throughout the series. If you are a new customer, we will try our best to honor your requested number. * For series collectors who have purchased the previous two, the Trout Stamp print will be discounted 10%, for a price of $130.50. ** For series collectors who have purchased the previous three, the Turkey Stamp print will be discounted 20%, for a price of $116.

Contact John House for ordering and more information.

Phone: 218.948.2891
Email: Address: 17471 Lakeview Avenue NW Evansville, MN 56326