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In 1977 the Minnesota DNR created it's first "Duck Stamp", the sales of which were dedicated to the acquisition and enhancement of the wonderful natural resources in this great State of Minnesota. They have since added more stamps to their repertoire (see Grand Slam page), all coveted wins for wildlife artists. And in 2008, the DNR created a new fifth stamp contest - the Minnesota Walleye Stamp! After three unsuccessful attempts, on October 27, 2011 John was announced the winner of the 2012 Walleye Stamp contest, making him the first and only wildlife artist to win all 5 of Minnesota's Stamp contests. His painting features a dramatic deep-water Walleye slashing at a school of shiner minnows, in a habitat of rock and submerged logs, something you would find in a traditional cold-water Walleye haunt.

In the sport of Turkey hunting, when a hunter achieves the rare taking of the 4 subspecies of wild Turkey in the U. S., it's called the Grand Slam. If he achieves the even rarer taking of all 5 subspecies on the North American continent, it's called the Royal Slam. We're calling this collection the Minnesota Royal Slam, and we hope you enjoy this latest addition!

Full-color prints of this painting will be made available in early 2012, once the DNR has made the actual $7 stamps available for purchase. Image size will match all previous Stamp prints (6 1/2" x 9"), with ample white borders. As always, only the highest quality fade-resistant inks and acid-free paper will be used. As in the past, for those who have collected the entire series, a discount will be made for this latest piece. Thanks for your interest in John's work, and we hope to see you when they're ready in 2012!!

Ordering information coming soon.